11 Simple Tips to Make Sex Last Longer

You may enjoy rough sex, romantic sex, messy sex, shower sex, sex in heels, sex in a nurse’s uniform, and more.
But, while everything has its time and place, there’s a possibility you don’t want every tryst to be over in three minutes.

Sure, quickies have their time and place—and for obvious reasons, they may be quite hot.
However, the majority of the time, individuals want to enjoy sex without time constraints in order to get the most out of their sex lives so here are the 11 simple tips to make sex last longer.

Use A Penis Vibrator

The dynamic penis vibrator more closely resembles a body than a hand, and entering and reclining back for pleasure is a far more efficient approach to learn to postpone achieving climax.

Use A Condom

Condoms can somewhat reduce sensitivity in general, but it is recommended trying thicker condom choices if you truly want to extend the experience.
Also, never use two condoms at the same time since it substantially increases the likelihood of the condom ripping, and you becoming a dad.

Desensitizing Gels

Consider using desensitizing gels to lengthen your playtime, taking time away from your personal excitement to concentrate on your companion.

Make It An Experience

Make it an experience rather than a one-time event by having a new objective for your playtime, such as arranging a BDSM scenario, trying role play, or simply viewing porn together.

Sex In Different Locations

Doing something new generates a sensation of enthusiasm, which might assist your body in remaining grounded and avoiding going on autopilot to completion.So, sure, it’s time to test it out on your couch, kitchen table, and even in the shower.

Martial Art

“Martial artists learn to remain cool in difficult situations.”
“Fight or flight is what causes orgasm, so if you learn to regulate your arousal/stress level outside of sex, you’ll be more likely to do it in bed.”Jujitsu can help you learn to regulate your emotions and harness your arousal so you can back off if you feel you’re approaching the point of no return in terms of climax.

Allotting Time For Sex

Making time for your fuck buddy in between meetings or other responsibilities may make you feel hurried and may have a bad influence on the encounter. Instead, dedicate the entire evening or day to your fuck buddy, my friend.


Breathing allows energy to move through the body in such a manner that the strength of feelings in the lower body is transferred to the rest of the body.

Use Cannabis

According to the sex toy firm Lioness, 73% of study participants believed that cannabis lengthened their coupled intercourse. Oh, and CBD appears to have boosted the fuck session by 51%.

Put On A Penis Ring

Penis rings function by limiting blood flow into the shaft of the penis, which can aid in the maintenance of a harder erection.

More Time On Foreplay

Yes, it may shorten the intercourse portion, but spending extra time on foreplay to get warmed up will lengthen the sex session overall and ensure you’re both pleased.