Can Alcohol Affect Sexual Performance?

If you want to have better sexual performance in bed, and you want to avoid your cock embarrassing you in-front of her, then pay attention on how alcohol affect sexual performance.

I’m going to talk about alcohol and how that affects your testosterone and the size of your penis.

A lot of you guys are like, oh i only drink this much, and you find out it’s about this much that does have a huge effect on your body , and today i’m going to break that down specifically, how it affects men versus women and the long and short-term effects of drinking too much alcohol and actually what is too much alcohol.

Let’s do a quick history lesson on the culture of alcohol because alcohol has been around civilization and in all societies without exception have some form of substance that they use to change their mind state, and alcohol is the most popular throughout history, the development of agriculture specifically grains was in huge part because of beer ,not just bread ,so alcohol has been used at a near universal level throughout all of history of humankind ,and of course attempts at stopping people from doing this hasn’t ended well at all.

Access to alcohol has been made so easy and it is now normal for you ,to just be able to get it.

If it is going to the clubs, going to happy hour, if it’s time to get that beer for the game, this has become normal for us and for some people it gets taken too.

When it comes to alcohol we’ll use it to celebrate or to be pissed off so remember no matter what reason you got to drink alcohol,it will affect your performance and of course if you are having erection issues ,and you’re drinking alcohol, yes it is a cause just wanted to get that out of the way. 

Why does alcohol affect sexual performance?

Let’s just go ahead and hit some of the long-term effects of drinking alcohol and of course for heavy drinkers they’re not going to perform as well as moderate drinkers, heavy drinking is usually considered to be 15 drinks a week for men ,and of course men who drink heavily are more likely to experience erectile dysfunction, low libido, and low testosterone levels.

So let’s be clear,moderate alcohol consumption does not have the same long-term effects on reproduction, or testosterone.

Alcohol is a depressant, using it can dampen your mood, can dampen your libido, and can slow things down.

With alcohol consumption you can have temporary erectile dysfunction, you have those drinks and then your cock isn’t getting up the way you wanted it to, because of course it’s lowering your testosterone, right then and there, some men are unable to have erections at all after drinking, and for some guys it could be the day before that you had that drink and then the next day you’re trying to get it on and it’s not getting on, this is because pre-sex drinking slows down the blood flow, lowers the testosterone, and you end up with an embarassing situation.

This is the crazy thing for a lot of guys, and yes this does happen, it’s called penile atrophy ,that’s when your penis shrinks, this happens naturally, let’s say a guy is 21 by the time, he’s 91 he got a shorter penis, this is naturally going to happen, unless you do some steps to take care of that, but one thing that can make sure that you are shrinking faster than you should,is heavy consumption of alcohol.

In conclusion alcohol is going to mess with your sex life period.

Does alcohol make you more sexually active?

Excessive alcohol in our society has made it normal for people to go overboard, men who drink alcohol in excess are more likely to have low testosterone, low libido ,and low sexual response.

Men who are dependent on alcohol have a 60 to 70 percent chance of not being able to function at all, over the long term with that loss of testosterone, and the damage to their veins,and  because of all that alcohol consumption they could end up growing old and their penis getting smaller, until it disappears and becomes a vagina at 80.