Are You At Risk Of Being A Man Who Can’t Last Long In Bed

Do you conceive of erectile dysfunction as a disorder that exclusively affects elderly men? While age is a role in ED risk, it may afflict men of any age. Sexual dysfunction may be tough to discuss, particularly for a guy in his prime, yet it affects more individuals than you think. You are not alone in your erectile dysfunction struggles!

While the males in Viagra advertising are usually gray-haired seniors, the reality is that many men with ED are in their twenties. According to a research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, one in every four new ED cases is identified in males under 40. According to research from Southern Illinois University’s Division of Male Infertility, 40% of men in their 40s and 50% of men in their 50s have sexual dysfunction.

What can you do to prevent becoming a statistic when erectile dysfunction affects guys younger and younger? Recognizing and correcting risk factors for ED is the first step. Here are several major ED risk factors.

Top Risk Factors

While you may believe your youth protects you against erectile dysfunction, age is simply one of numerous risk factors. Top 10 risk factors for male erectile dysfunction:

Hormone discord
psychiatric disorders
a bad diet

While erectile dysfunction seems to be impacting younger men, understanding of the risk factors for ED remains poor. Nearly 40% of men having ischemic heart disease therapy in Poland couldn’t identify any of the top six risk factors for erectile dysfunction. Because many ED risk factors are either avoidable or reversible, this is crucial.

Learning about the factors or behaviors that raise your risk for ED is the key to adopting healthy adjustments that may prevent or cure symptoms naturally.