Lasting Longer In Bed Using Your Tongue

Men who are frustrated with the length of time they last in bed have an easy solution that doesn’t involve using their hands or purchasing prescription medication. Some men have found that if they take the time to explore and use their tongue, they can last longer because it can help them redirect their strong sensations and induce some strong sensations on her sensitive parts.

Most men want to know how to last longer in bed using their tongue so here is all about lasting longer in bed using your tongue.

The Tongue And Back Push Technique

A recent study shows that there is a secret way to last longer in bed by using the tongue and back push method. The tongue back push technique, is not the one that involves inserting the tongue in and out of her vagina while simultaneously pushing on her pelvic floor muscles with your fingers, it does cause an orgasm in 70% of women, triggering a tremendous buildup of sexual tension and prolonged arousal. But that’s not what we are here to talk about!

We are here to talk about you, and more specifically how to last longer in bed using the tongue back push technique.

4 Easy Steps:

Make circles with your tongue on the roof of your mouth.

Keep your mouth closed

Use your hands to touch her by sliding your way up and down her back or inner thighs.

Note: Don’t apply your tongue too firmly or too softly.

The sensations you feel during sex are concentrated within your penis and this technique will disperse the sensation to your upper mouth. This is a great way of making sure that you can enjoy every moment of foreplay, as well as intercourse itself. It’s also an excellent way for you to take control of your body sensation and not have them fully engaged in one part.

Side Effects Of The Tongue Back Push Technique

Bad tongue habits can give rise to a number of complications. They may include dry mouth, sore throat, bad breath, and increased risk of infection. The tongue has an important role in the function of the mouth; so there might be some complications if you had any underlying condition and you are trying to use this method, so make sure you check with your doctor first before picking up a new tongue habit.

The Tongue As A Sex Tool

Your tongue is a powerful sex tool to help you last longer in bed, but it can also be used to ensure you give her the best orgasm she has ever had!

Let us explore how to utilise your tongue to bring her to an arousel state and increase your time in bed with her by lowering your excitement, remember this saying only fools rush in, so what you can do before rushing in is use your tongue.

First thing is first!

Ensure that your oral hygiene is up to standard . You should always brush your teeth at least twice daily and floss once or more per day. If you are experiencing any soreness from brushing then try using a soft toothbrush instead. This may reduce irritation on sensitive gums. Use mouthwash regularly as well – it helps keep bacteria levels down which reduces bad breath.

Also it’s not supposed to make her feel like a dog just drooled all over her …

Learn To Read The Room

If she feels uncomfortable with the situation don’t force her into something she is not comfortable doing. It will be awkward for both of you if you start using your tongue in places she doesn’t want you to and she’ll kick you out reducing the time you can spend with her in bed or outside of it.

Your Tongue And Her Parts

The Most Sensitive Parts of the Female Body are The Vagina, Clitoris And G-Spot!

The neck, forearm, are also sensitive to your gentle tongues slides, and nipple are the most responsive to pressure, whereas the side breast and abdomen can make her giggle, but go to far and she will kick your head out of bed.

As you can see your tongue can be used in many different ways to keep you lasting long and hard in bed, keeping in mind that the tongue back push technique is your friend when you are just about to come, but if that is not doing enough than you can use that same tongue of yours and start licking where she would be more likely to feel it.

The Tongue Muscle

While the tongue muscle is not entirely trainable and it has a certain degree of stability, it can be trained to some extent. The tongue muscle controls all aspects of the tongue and these muscles function to control various activities such as swallowing, respiration, and speech. The tongue is made up of three sets of muscles: extrinsic, intrinsic and inter mandibular. These muscles work as one system to help move food around in the mouth during chewing, swallowing and talking.

It is important to give yourself time to practice as when your trying to get it up your mouth it should be comfortable for you and not cause you performance anxiety which will make you trying to last longer in bed even harder.