Focus On Foreplay To Last Longer In Bed

Sex is not just about intercourse, in order to have a healthy sexual relationship you should engage in foreplay. Foreplay is an important part of sex that precedes the genital stimulation and helps couples to get in the mood for intimacy. What is foreplay? Foreplay is a wide term that encompasses a variety of physical activities before intercourse. Depending on your partner, foreplay can include kissing, touching, oral sex, or other sensual activities. So how to focus on foreplay to last longer in bed.

What are some ways to improve your foreplay skills?

There are many things you can do to enhance your ability to be more sexually arousing to your partner. Here are just a few ideas:


Kissing is one of the most intimate things you can do with someone, so it’s important to make sure that you’re doing it right.

– First, stand face-to-face with your partner and look into their eyes. This will help them feel more comfortable.

– Make sure not to use too much tongue when kissing, as this can be overwhelming for your partner.

Kiss her neck and shoulders first. This will help relax her body so she’s ready when it comes time to kiss down below.

If you’re feeling bolder, try kissing her on the lips or nibbling at them. Don’t forget about those sensitive spots around her mouth. When she’s ready, take a deep breath and slowly lower yourself onto her body until you feel comfortable. The first time will be awkward but it won’t last long. Once you’ve found your rhythm, you can start moving together like two people who know what they are doing.

Touching Her In All The Right Places

Touch her breasts gently with one hand while caressing her inner thighs with the other ,when you get close enough to touch her nipples, don’t hesitate; go ahead! She’ll love that.. You may want to use both hands for this activity if you have small fingers. Next, move on to her lower back and buttocks. Kissing these areas is a great way of showing affection without being overly aggressive or invasive.Use light pressure as you move up from her waist toward her chest. If you press too hard, you could hurt her.

Massaging Her

Rub her back lightly with your fingertips. It helps release tension in her muscles. Tension in the muscles can be relieved by stretching and massaging the muscle. Massaging the muscle will help break up any knots that may have formed, while stretching will lengthen the muscle and release tension. You should use both techniques together for best results.

Next, massage her shoulders. Start at the base of each shoulder blade and work upward along the spine until you reach her neck. This area has many nerve endings which are sensitive to touch. Rubbing this area gently releases stress from her body.

Finally, rub her arms and hands. The palms of her hands contain a lot of nerves so rubbing them is very relaxing. Her fingers also contain lots of blood vessels which need attention as well. Massage these areas with your fingertips or knuckles in circular motions.

Use Lube And Focus On Foreplay To Last Longer In Bed

If you want more of an experience, use some lube before going down on her. It makes everything much easier for both of you. You might also consider using a vibrator for added stimulation.

Relax And Enjoy The Extra Time In Bed With Her

Sex can sometimes seem like a chore. You know what you need to do and the process is rote, but it’s still not quite as satisfying as you want it to be. One area you often neglect is foreplay. If you want to make sex more satisfying and last longer, you should spend some time on foreplay, this will ease your nervousness and performance anxiety making you capable of lasting longer in bed with her.

Helping Her Orgasm Helps You

Most women take time to orgasm during intercourse. This means that if she has an orgasm while having sex, then chances are good that she’ll have another one later. So don’t rush things or try to force yourself into doing something you’re uncomfortable with just because you think you “should.” Take your time and enjoy each other. You can always do a little bit at a time until both of you get the hang of it.

Pushing yourself early on will lead you to lose control over your ejaculation which is not what you want when trying for multiple orgasms. If you start out too fast, you may end up shooting all over the place instead of her face where you really need to dump it. This could be embarrassing if you happen to shoot in her pussy because you can’t even hold it back!

Speaking of holding it back maybe working on your pelvic floor muscles could help you gain some control over your ejaculation.