How Switching Sex Positions Helps You Last Longer In Bed

There’s a lot of advice about having wonderful sex out there.But what about just… more successful sex? I mean, we all want that, right? We’d like our partners to be able to make us feel good and give us pleasure. And it seems like most people would agree that when they do so, their success rate goes up considerably. Is there a sex position in which we may stay longer and enjoy it more? Or maybe one where you don’t ejaculate early and leave her behind to rub herself or just go take a shower with a face of total disappointment. The best way to find out what works well for you is by trying different things until something clicks, but here are some sex positions that have been tried and tested by others that helped them last longer in bed and delayed their ejaculation.S how switching sex positions helps you last longer in bed.

What Positions Should You Switch Between To Last Longer In Bed?

Woman On Top Position :

If your partner likes being on top, this can be an effective position as she will control how long she wants to ride you before coming down from above. This also allows her to use the G-spot if she so desires. She may want to try riding you while lying flat on her back, which gives her full access to all parts of your body including those sensitive areas. The woman on top position works best when both partners enjoy it because they get a chance to see each other’s faces during intercourse. It helps build trust between couples who like having sex together.

Missionary Position At A 90 Degree Angle:

The missionary position is one of the most popular positions for sexual activity and has been used by humans since ancient times. In this position, the man lies face up with his legs spread apart and the woman sits in front of him facing him. In this posture, the male rubs her clitoris with the topside of his penis rather than penetrating it.It helps the man last longer because the upper side of the penis contains significantly fewer nerve endings than the bottom.

Spooning Position :

Face the same direction as her and lie behind her ass. Insert your dick from this posture, lying slightly below your companion.

Take advantage of your near proximity and deliver more stimulation to her clitoris with your hands or fingers. This is a great way for you both to enjoy each other’s bodies without having to move too much. It also allows you to feel closer to her body while still being able to see what she likes most.

Coital Alignment Technique Position

The Coital Alignment Technique Position is a variant of the missionary position which uses clitoral stimulation to help bring women to orgasm. It is often more effective for women who find that their clitoris becomes obstructed during the missionary position, or who feel like they are more exposed and vulnerable in this position. She lies on her back with her legs open wide, while you lay above her in the CAT sex position.

Instead of thrusting like a missionary, you grind your penis on the clitoris until it penetrates it.

This is when coital alignment comes into play:Your hips should be angled such that her pelvis is directly on top of your pelvis.

You must have your chin over her head and your chest in her face during penetration.

The coital alignment method is ideal for clit-focused enjoyment at a slower tempo.While many individuals prefer the missionary position at a leisurely and personal pace, it often gives way to deep, forceful thrusting—and no disrespect to the benefits of rough sex, but sometimes the greatest way to stimulate a clitoris is to take it slow.

Penises varies in size and shape across males, and vaginas are frequently slanted in varied orientations and distances from the clitoris. The angle between the penis and vagina can be anywhere from 0° (straight) to 90° (perineal). A woman’s vaginal canal may also vary in length, width, depth, or even curve slightly inward toward the cervix. Which makes you want to grab an engineering degree before you want to fuck her in that position, so if you couldn’t make it , just switch!

Why Switching Sex Positions Helps You Last Longer In Bed

Switching from one position to the other gives you some time to cool down and helps control your ejaculation making you last longer in bed and perhaps improve your reputation among her friends.