Biofeedback To Last Longer In Bed

Biofeedback is a technique used to retrain the brain.
To postpone an orgasm, biofeedback measures electrical impulses in the brain.

If you wish to attempt biofeedback, you’ll need to find a therapist or doctor who specializes in it.
While you are in session, your therapist or doctor will monitor your sensations while masturbating.

It is possible to visualize, exercise, or employ other tactics to help you last longer during sex.

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Biofeedback treatment comes in three flavors:

It measures skin temperature.

EMG monitors muscular tension.

In neurofeedback, the emphasis is on EEG biofeedback.

EEG biofeedback may benefit individuals with ADHD, addiction, anxiety, seizures, depression, and other mental disorders.

At the start of a biofeedback session, the patient has electrodes on their skin that relay data to a monitoring box.

The therapist looks at the monitor and finds a variety of mental exercises and relaxation methods that may assist control the patient’s body functions.

Patients eventually learn to manage these processes without monitoring.

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To help you achieve your objectives, your therapist may employ several biofeedback techniques.
Types of biofeedback:

An electroencephalograph monitors your brain waves using scalp sensors (EEG).

Respiratory biofeedback uses abdominal and chest bands to monitor breathing patterns and rate.

This kind employs finger or earlobe sensors to detect changes in blood volume (photoplethysmograph).
An electrocardiograph (ECG) measures your heart rate and how it fluctuates.

Muscle spasm.
An electromyograph (EMG) monitors the electrical activity that produces muscle contraction.

Sweating glands.
An electrodermograph (EDG) measures sweat gland activity and the quantity of perspiration on your skin, alerting you to worry.

Sensors on your fingers or feet track skin blood flow.
Stress causes your body’s temperature to decrease, so a low reading might urge you to start relaxing.

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