Dressed And Undressed Asian Exposed Erotic Story

“You did what?” screamed Jessica, staring in horror at her husband Steve. “There is no harm in doing so.”“Is there any harm you being part of “Dressed And Undressed Asian Exposed Story?”
You’ve shown off my body on the internet and claim there’s no harm?
If someone we know sees them, the one of me in a dress in front of the fire is fine, but what about the others?” “I’m proud of your body and nice big ass, and I want other guys to be envious of mine.”

Dressed And Undressed Asian Exposed
Dressed And Undressed Asian Exposed

Yeah, but all this wanting me to act like a slut, asking guys to write fantasies about me being a slut, what if I did act like a slut in real life, what if I came on to a guy and asked him to fuck me, what if I asked him to shoot all over my face?
How would you feel if you met Steve in real life?”

Steve knew exactly how he’d feel, and if Jessica had looked below the waist, she’d have known exactly how he’d feel.

Dressed And Undressed Asian Exposed
On And Off Clothes

“Look, Jessica, there’s no real harm done; not many people will have seen your photos yet, and they’re only in one club; it’s unlikely that anyone we know will see them…
If they do, it is unlikely to be anyone who is narrow-minded; tell you what, if you still feel the same way at the weekend, I’ll take them out, how’s that?”

“All right…provided…”


“You take me out for a nice meal tonight; I deserve it; I’m not cooking, so it’s that or starve.”

“You get dressed, and I’ll reserve us a table.”

Dressed And Undressed Asian Exposed
On And Off Clothes

Jessica and Steve were nearing the end of a magnificent meal, the combination of good service, good food, and one or two too many drinks having served to mellow Jessica.

“Has anyone written any stories about me yet, Steve?”

“I haven’t had a complete story yet, but an English guy got in touch wanting to know more about you so he could get started. He sent me a few other stories he’s written, and they’re not bad.”

Dressed And Undressed Asian Exposed
Clothed And Unclothed Asian Teen

“Are you serious? Tell me.”

“Well, there’s one, I’m not sure if it’s true or not, but he says there are photos to go with it, and it’s about the night he and his partner Karen go out with another couple and he convinces her to get up on stage in a pub and basically strip off in front of everyone.

“Exactly like that.”

“Well, it started as a Miss G String competition, but he pushed her to flash more and more in order to win, you have to read it.”

“I will…
So, what do you think this Englishman has in store for me?”

“I have no idea, but he said he was working on it right now, and he was using your photos as inspiration.”

Dressed And Undressed Asian Exposed
Clothed And Unclothed Asian Teen

“So, while we’re sitting here talking, he’s busy staring at me with my pussy open, writing out how I became a slut for you.”

“Yeah, I suppose so.”

“Did you tell him anything else about me?”

“Not much, he just wanted your name…

I addressed you as Jessica…
age, height, weight, and so on.”

Dressed And Undressed Asian Exposed
Clothed And Unclothed Asian Teen

“He didn’t want any more photos of me at the time.”

“Never inquired”

“So you weren’t tempted to send one of me or any of the other strong ones sucking you?”


“I’ll be curious to see what he comes up with…

“Are you going to take me dancing now?”

Dressed And Undressed Asian Exposed
Clothed And Unclothed Asian Teen

They were in a bar 20 minutes later, the type where people go to let their hair down, with a DJ playing music beside a small dance area at one end and a pool table at the other.
The majority of the girls were dancing, while the men were playing pool.

“You never answered my question before,” she pointed out.

“Which query?”

“The one I asked when I found out about the photos,” she continued, “Yeah, but all this wanting me to act as a slut, asking guys to write fantasies of me being a slut, just suppose I did act in real life as a slut, suppose I came on to a guy and asked him to fuck me, asked him to shoot all over my face.”
How would you feel if you met Steve in real life?”

Dressed And Undressed Asian Exposed
Dressed And Undressed Asian Teen

Steve was taken aback that she remembered EXACTLY what she had asked, “The truth?”

“The truth,” she said.

“Just the thought of some guy holding you and kissing you gives me a hard on, let alone fucking you and covering you in spunk”

“Are you certain, are you certain you won’t hold it against me the next day?”

“Indeed,” said Steve, unsure of where this was leading them.

“Stay put, I’m going to play some pool.”

With that, she strolled away, her hips sensually swaying as she walked.

Dressed And Undressed Asian Exposed
Dressed And Undressed Asian Teen

When she arrived at the pool area, Steve still had a clear view of her, so she hoisted herself onto a high stool and crossed her legs, exposing her thighs.

There was a doubles game going on with about three young healthy-looking guys watching, and more than one player ruined his shot by looking at her legs as she swayed her ankles to the music from the far end of the bar.

When the game was over, Steve noticed her saying something to the winners.
The first nodded, and the second handed her his pool cue.
She rose from the stool and straightened her skirt.

She was the first to play, and her shot destroyed the triangular pattern but did not result in a score.
Jessica’s turn came up again after the next guy played and potted two.

The cue ball was in the middle of the table, posing a problem for Jessica, who was only 5’4′′ tall. She solved the problem by putting a chair behind her and kneeling over the edge of the table to take her shot. Steve noticed her skirt riding up to reveal her thighs up to her bum’s cheeks.

Steve wasn’t the only one who noticed; every man at the table found a reason to move around to get a better view.
If Steve hadn’t seen her dressing and slip into the tiny thong, he’d have assumed she was naked; the thought clearly occurred to others.

As she slipped to the ground, her dress rose up, revealing that she was, after all, wearing a skimpy piece of material, it was revealed, that is, to anyone immediately behind her and to her catchers thighs, everyone around her got a side view, which still left them thinking she had no underwear on, she stayed a little longer in the guys arms, she stayed a little longer in the guys arms, she stayed a little longer in the guys arms, she stayed
They were clearly talking, and she nodded, whispered something in his ear, and lightly kissed him on the lips.

She was suddenly walking towards Steve, having given the cue to another player to take her next play.
He reasoned that if that little show was going to satisfy his desire for her to act the slut, she’d be disappointed.

She didn’t approach him; instead, she made a motion with her eyes and veered off to the left, into the ladies.
He stood near the front door.
She was back in two minutes.
“Are you still certain, Steve, that you want your wife to be a slut?”

“I’m still certain.”
He gave a nod.

“You won’t hold it against me no matter how sluttish I am?”

He nodded once more.

“OK,” she sighed, “you asked for it.” As she spoke, she pressed a small ball of material into his hand and returned to the table.

When he opened his hand, her thong was still warm and damp in his palm.

Before she got to the table, the guy who had caught her approached her, she stopped, held out her hand, and the two of them made their way to the far end of the room and the disco, where there were many more people and much dimmer lights.

They fought their way onto the crowded dance floor and began swaying to the beat. It was so crowded that they were pressed tightly together, but neither of them seemed to mind.

His arm kept going to her waist as he leaned in to say something or hear her reply, then Steve noticed it was on her hip, then on the curve of her bottom.
Her bottom, which was only covered by the fabric of her short dress.

Steve had been so engrossed in watching the guy’s hand on his wife that it took him a few moments to notice that Jessica’s hand had been even more daring.
As he watched, he noticed the hand hidden from him stroking the guy’s thigh as they attempted to dance in the crowd.
He stared, and he swears he saw a finger tip graze the crotch for a second or two.

After a few songs, they gave up and walked to the bar, where the guy bought them both a drink before directing her to an alcove away from the main crowd.

The alcove had a table and a small double seat, which was really designed for one plum p person, as their bodies were pressed together when they sat in it.

As Steve watched, they turned their faces together and began kissing, Jessica was facing Steve and her eyes opened in a questioning sort of way, Steve grinned and nodded.
Jessica closed her eyes and opened her mouth wide to receive the guy’s tongue.

In a few seconds, the guy’s hand moved to her right tit, paused to allow her to object, and then slipped a finger down the top of the strapless dress, clearly stimulating a nipple.

Jessica’s left hand was on the guy’s lap, and Steve could see the fingers squeezing as they followed the outline of his growing cock as he watched.

The top of her dress had now slipped, revealing the man’s hand squeezing her breast.
She made no attempt to conceal her identity.
Instead, her fingers moved to the top of his zip and started sliding it down, then her hand slipped inside, and Steve could see the shape of her hand playing with this stranger’s cock in a way he was all too familiar with.

He stopped kissing her and whispered something in her ear. She enthusiastically nodded and they stood up, brushing past Steve as they walked towards the car park, this time with their arms around each other.