Dressed And Undressed Asian Wife Forced Erotic Story

A dressed and undressed Asian wife took a deep breath and said, “Suppose I were to let you, well, you know, you promise not to hurt my husband?”
The debt would then be paid.?”

I tried to hide my grin of triumph as I said, “Ah Mrs Ross.
I don’t want to appear rude, and if it were up to me….
But I’m afraid 100,000 dollars is a lot of money, and my boss might not think I got a good deal for them.”
“But perhaps if we came to such an arrangement, I could overlook this missed payment and give you a couple of extra weeks to come up with it,” I said, allowing the fear to sink in.
Before I went for the kill, I noticed a glimmer of hope in her eyes.
“However, I’m not sure ‘letting me’, as you put it, would be very satisfying.
We’d need a little, shall we say, excitement from you, wouldn’t we?”

Dressed And Undressed Asian Wife
Dressed And Undressed

She bit her lower lip and then said quietly, “Very well.”
Her husband Maurice had recovered enough breath to object by this point, but she snapped back, “Oh shut up, Maurice.”
Isn’t it bad enough that I have to prostitute myself to a thug like this for you without you moaning?
“Do you want him to break your kneecaps, or do you want him to break your kneecaps?”

Dressed And Undressed Asian Wife
Dressed And Undressed

“Very well,” she said, resuming her old defiance.
“Let’s get this over with.”
Not quite the zeal I had hoped for, but never mind.
I took a look around the hall and asked Maurice to bring a chair that was standing nearby.
“You don’t expect me to do this in front of my husband, do you?” she exclaimed.

Dressed And Undressed Asian Wife
Before And After

I ignored that and carried on.

I knelt between her legs and eased her thighs apart, taking in her pussy before leaning forward and inhaling her secret scent.
She smelled delectable, tangy, and musky, just like a woman should.
I licked her lips and gently sucked them into my mouth, then pushed my tongue inside her for a few minutes, savoring her.
As I worked on her, she seemed to get wetter before I moved on to her clitoris.
She tried to resist, saying “No. No,” but I persisted until she came, despite her best efforts not to in front of her husband.

Dressed And Undressed Asian Wife
Before And After

I climbed onto the bed, drew her on top of me, drew her face toward me, and kissed her.
She kept her lips closed at first, but when I reminded her, “Excitement, Mrs Ross, don’t forget the excitement,” she let my tongue into her mouth.
I’d been rubbing my cock against her for the entire time she’d been straddling me, her thighs either side of my hips, letting her husband see how close my cock was to his wife’s defenseless pussy, and now it was time.

Dressed And Undressed Asian Wife
Before And After

I rubbed it up and down her lips, which were still slick from my saliva and her orgasm.
“Promise you won’t come inside me,” she said , as if on cue.
Promise you’ll pull out” was the perfect reminder for him that her womb was completely at my mercy and that my naked cock was about to invade his unprotected wife.

I let my head slide in and out of her lips a few times to prolong the moment before giving a more determined push and slowly driving the full length inside her and beginning to thrust.
After a while, I pushed Mrs Ross upright, fully impaling her, and Maurice had a perfect vantage point to see his wife completely filled with my cock.
“Be careful,” she said, winced.
You’re way too big.
It’s going too far.” Knowing my bigger cock was visiting parts of his wife he’d never known had to have hurt Maurice.

Dressed And Undressed Asian Wife
Clothed And Unclothed

But I was getting close by now, so I rolled her onto her back, letting my cock come out just for the pleasure of letting Maurie see me put it back in.
I was riding high so he could see what was going on.
My sperm was rising, and my thrusting became more erratic.
Mrs. Ross realized what was going to happen and yelled, “Pull out!”
She tried to wiggle free, but with one of my arms wrapped around her shoulders and the other hooked under her knee, she couldn’t, and I emptied my balls deep inside her with a series of deep grunts.

Dressed And Undressed Asian Wife
Dressed And Undressed Asian Wife

“You fucking bastard,” she said, but I ignored her because I was too caught up in the moment.
I eventually rolled off her, but not before drawing her close and hooking my leg over her thigh to open her legs and allow Maurice to see my sperm leaking from her.
He appeared to be a broken man.
He’d been punched to the floor, tied to a chair in his own bedroom, and forced to watch helplessly as his wife was inseminated and possibly impregnated in his own marriage bed by a bigger, stronger male.

“Let me go,” Mrs. Ross said.
I need to get rid of this,” but I clung to her.
“The damage has been done, Mrs Ross, but on the subject of cleaning up, I was wondering if you could do the honors?”
I gently pushed her head down, and she went meekly to my groin, gently sucking and licking me clean.’
As his wife’s mouth enveloped my cock and cleaned our mingled juices, I looked over her blonde head into Maurie’s eyes.
And I gave him a wink.

But it was time to go. I climbed out of bed and quickly got dressed and said: “Don’t get up Maurice, Your lovely wife can see me out. Well it’s been a lovely evening. In fact I almost hope you miss the next installment and we can do it all over again. Mrs Ross can cut you free once I’ve gone”