How Men Can Increase Their Sex Drive For Better Bed Performance

Having a low libido, or sex drive, may be irritating, and you may feel helpless to change it.
That, thankfully, is not the case.
There are numerous things you may do to naturally enhance your libido and improve your sex drive for better bed performance.

Enjoy Porn Together

Watching adult-themed movies or television with your spouse may be a fun way to get both of you excited.
If you’re both comfortable with it, you can experiment with pornography.
Together, read sexual literature or pornographic publications.
Watching sex scenes or reading about sexual acts exposes both parties to possible new imaginations that they may explore together, which can aid in arousal or give stimulation.

Talk About Fetishes

Inquire with your spouse if there is anything they want to try but haven’t yet.
If they claim there isn’t anything, ask if there is something they have never done but have dreamt about.
Being intimate in a place other than your bedroom, if possible, might be a simple beginning point.

When discussing fetishes, use caution.
When you’re being intimate, it might be upsetting to indicate that you’re thinking about something other than your spouse. Make it clear that you wish to try something new with the person you’re with.
Sharing fantasies can help to develop trust; be ready to talk about things you’d want to try as well.
It is unreasonable to expect your spouse to feel comfortable discussing your dreams if you are not.


To boost arousal, try foreplay.
This will not only put men in a good mood, but it will also reduce performance anxiety.
A man’s libido will be less concerned if he can please his significant other without acquiring an erection.


Massages may be a fantastic way to bond with your significant other and prepare them for an intimate experience.
Create a sensual atmosphere to enhance the experience.