How To Use Meditation To Enhance Your Sexual Performance.

We don’t talk too much about meditation and sex in the same sentence of the same conversation because I think that secretly we think well I shouldn’t be thinking about sex if I’m meditating well because first off we think we shouldn’t be having thoughts at all when we’re meditating.

The Misconception

The number one misconception about meditation is that we think that we should be able to give our minds a command to stop, which is totally impossible, the mind thinks involuntarily, just like the heart beats involuntarily ,and so judging ourselves, at how good we are meditating based on how good we are at stopping our minds from thinking, is always going to make us feel like we’re failing.

Then we’re going to stop, so if we think secretly we’re not supposed to be thinking, then certainly we shouldn’t be thinking about sex right, and if we’re in our meditation regime about sex ,or even getting aroused like ,oh I’m going to get in trouble, because we sort of have defined this meditation practice that it is a holy practice.

In India there are two branches of meditation there’s a style meditation ,that was made for monks, and there was a style of meditation, that was made for people like us, people with busy minds ,and busy lives.

Why Meditation Can Help You Last Longer In Bed?

So I am going to talk about the science behind ,why meditation can help you last longer in bed.

Relationships are an outlet for our fulfillment ,they are not a place that we can go to fill ourselves up, and secretly we know this ,but Hollywood is sort of screwed us on this one a little bit, with three little words “you complete me.”

If you don’t have the ability to experience bliss and fulfillment inside of you , it’s not going to happen on the other side of some magical person, it is not going to happen on the other side of the hottest lady in the room, it doesn’t matter how amazing that lady is.

The Role Of Meditation

What meditation does, is that it gives you access to this limitless source of bliss and fulfillment, and adaptation energy, and if you have the means by which to fill yourself up 100%.

If fulfillment is happening right here inside of you, then your relationships become an outlet for that fulfillment, and that is a beautiful way to go through your relationships, then it starts this sort of upward spiral towards a healthy relationship with your partner.

What Happens When You Get Stressed

This stress thing is robbing you from your full performance capabilities, not only in work, but also in the bedroom. Guess what happens when you get stressed, when you get stressed your body starts preparing for a predatory attack ,so your body launches into this series of chemical reactions, your digestion shuts down, your skin gets acidic, your blood thickens ,and coagulates, your vision goes like this your bladder, and bowels evacuate, and your immune system goes to the back burner, now this series of chemical reactions is great for you, if your demands are predatory attacks ,but if you’re about to get it on with your girl ,you do not want to be having a nervous tensed pose.

What Happens When You Meditate

When we meditate is we start to get rid of this stress in our nervous system, which allows us to be fully present.

When we go into any encounter but certainly sex, because sex more than anything requires a present moment awareness, so what’s the number one excuse, the sort of stereotypical excuse that we give when we don’t want to have sex, tired ,yeah and like I can’t tonight honey, I have a headache, we got tired and a headache, so if meditation is giving you rest five times deeper than sleep then when you come out of that meditation, you’re going to be more awake ,you’re going to have more energy to get it on, you’re going to be able to afford a little less sleep, because you’ve meditated that day, so you’re ready to rock and roll in pussy.

Meditation And Masturbation Cures Migraines

Meditation cures 90% of migraines, if they’re stress-related ,also a little extra bonus tip for you guys, if you do suffer from migraines, one of the only things that will stop it, if you catch it early on, is masturbation, because when you orgasm the vascular system in your brain expands and it allows blood to flow to your brain, so if you do suffer from migraines ,meditate ,and if that doesn’t work masturbate, and you can do it right here on this site.

Another thing that happens ,when we get stressed ,is that our body floods with adrenaline and cortisol ,and when your body has a ton of cortisol ,once it starts storing fat ,your body is preparing for like some sort of an emergency ,so it starts hunkering down for the winter, and the other thing that happens when you have cortisol, is that it will cause erectile dysfunction, which not something you want to happen when you are in bed with a 10.

Meditation Vs Masturbation
Watch This Unique Guided Meditation Video To Enhance Your Sexual Experience

Come To Your Senses Technique

I’d love for you to be in a chair just back supported head free and everyone take your right hand and close your right nostril and exhale through your left nostril really good and now inhale through the left and then close your left nostril with your ring finger and exhale through the right and inhale through the right and then closing your right nostril exhaling on the left and inhaling on the left and you can start to do this in your own time this is the pattern out through the left in through the left and out through the right in through the right and what I want you to do is start to enjoy filling your lungs up to their full capacity and then when you come to that full capacity allow yourself to float there at the top and then just let that air fall out of your lungs and you can switch to the other side and let yourself float at the bottom of that exhale and allow that air to fall into your lungs.

Now I want you to imagine as you’re doing this with each inhale that this breath is coming up through the base of your spine traveling up your spine and then with each exhale you send this breath and you send this energy out through the middle of your forehead so actually starting to wake up the sexual energy we’re starting to wake up this creative energy that’s located in the base of our spine and we start to send it out into the land this creative energy and sexual energy are the same thing this is why we all get so creative after a breakup so just enjoying this in your own time really filling your lungs to their full capacity and exhaling all the way to empty enjoying this imaginary cycle of breath coming up through the base of the spine traveling up the spine and then sending this breath and this energy out through the middle of your forehead and you can do this a few more times and the next time you come to an exhale on the left you can keep your eyes closed and drop your hands into your lap.

Now I’m going to walk you through this visualization called come to your senses and we’re really going to be waking up our five senses, because this is the way that we experience life, through our five senses ,so just really easily now we can bring our breath back gently , easy we don’t have to force it ,we don’t have to push it ,just allowing the breath to easily flow in and out ,so on your next inhale I want you to hear what you’re hearing just keeping the eyes closed and waking up your sense of hearing and I want you to notice the most prominent sound you can detect.

On your next inhale I want you to notice the most subtle sound you can detect,it might be the sound of your own breath it might be a faraway sound really good and on your next inhale I want you to bring your awareness to your sense of touch to your tactile sensation and notice the most prevalent tactile sensation happening in your body right now for most of us it’ll be our bums in the chair or maybe you’re having a pain in your knee or your heart is racing but just noticing the most prevalent tactile sensation right now, and on your next inhale let’s move to the most subtle so just noticing the most subtle sense of touch it might be the feeling of the breath coming in and out of your nose it might be the hair against the back of your neck it might be the air conditioning gently floating against your skin just noticing the most subtle tactile sensation really good and now even with your eyes closed I want you to move your awareness to your sense of sight just really see what you’re seeing with your eyes closed it might simply be blackness or you might see the light coming in through the tops of your eyelids or you might see cells dancing in front of your eyes just see what you’re seeing really good and now on your next breath will move our awareness to our sense of taste so even though you’re not eating anything right now there’s always some sort of a taste happening in the mouth so just notice is your mouth acidic is it dry can you take your toothpaste or your coffee just tasting the most prevalent taste sensation.

And on your next inhale we’re going to move to the most subtle really good and now on your next inhale I want you to smell you’re smelling noticing that was prominent smell happening in the room right now it might be the smell of your own hairspray or your neighbor’s Cologne just enjoying whatever smell is happening right now the most prominent smell and then on your next inhale we’re going to switch our awareness to the most subtle devil is in the details ,so we’re starting to tune our awareness to those subtle differences how does this room smell different than my hotel room how does this room smell different than my office ,maybe it’s the absence of smell really beautiful and on your next inhale I want you to simultaneously wake up all five of your senses so you’re waking up your sense of hearing your sense of touch a sense of sight your sense of taste and your sense of smell all at the same time the beautiful thing that starts to happen is that as we wake up our five senses we actually wake up our sixth sense it’s through our five senses that we actually experience our intuition so just enjoying the simulate tonality of consciousness hearing what you’re hearing feeling what you’re feeling seeing what you’re seeing tasting what you’re tasting and smelling what you’re smelling this is a simple exercise but what happens when we do this is that we jettisoned our selves into our right brain and therefore into the right now.

Surrendering does not mean giving up it means surrendering to something that is infinitely smarter than you and more powerful than you which is nature your intuition which we access through our five senses.

Now with the eyes closed I think it’s always powerful to move into gratitude before we move out of a meditation so taking a moment to think of five things that you’re most grateful for in this moment right now it could be as simple as air to breathe food to eat people who love you the incredible people that you’ve met the teachers that you’ve had in your life whatever it is for you just giving thanks again it’s a simple exercise but it’s incredibly powerful it starts to retrain our brain to look for what’s going right and what we put our attention on grows taking a nice deep inhale breathing life and energy and present moment awareness and sexiness into your body letting that sexiness vibrate through your whole being through every cell of your body.

Reminding yourself that you are fulfillment looking for need not the other way around you are not neediness looking for fulfillment anymore you are fulfillment looking for need and just letting that fulfillment in that bliss that radiance and that sexiness vibrate through every cell in your body and in your own time whenever you’re ready we can start to easily gently open the eyes.

This technique is simple, but it’s incredibly powerful, now go get yourself some pussy.