Last Longer In Bed By Increasing Your Testosterone Level

I got an email from a man saying I have a hard time lasting long enough in bed and my wife complains when I finish before her ,well who wouldn’t .

Even if she tells you it’s okay believe me it’s not okay ,so you want to learn how to up your game and last longer by increasing your testosterone level.

One of the ways to do this is to build up more testosterone give yourself more virility more sexual appetite to be able to last longer and the more testosterone you have the more you’ll enjoy sex.


One simple way you can do this is by working out in the gym, and you want to do very particular workouts that increase a lower body strength.

There was a study that was done that men in the gym doing like bench presses and upper body workouts didn’t have any increase in testosterone ,but men who done hip thrusting movements that had weight on the lower part of the body had an increase in testosterone immediately after the workout.

So things like dead lifts ,hips thrusts ,squats are great,all those are going to help build up the testosterone you have in your body and over time you’ll see a real increase in how much stamina you have in bed ,and all those hip thrusting movements you know also translate right to the bedroom.

You can also increase your cardiovascular capacity by doing high-intensity interval training or what’s called hit, so you can do sprints for 30 seconds on the treadmill and then go at a slower pace for 90 seconds and then 30 seconds as fast as you can go again and 90 seconds slow again ,and doing that in an interval for 20 minutes.

This will start to build up your cardio a lot, and having the energy to last in bed is just the cardio and the other part is the mental game.


A lot of men are still having sex like stupid, so the first time you you get it in ,and then it’s gone, so you want to make sure that lasts longer and that she’s having as good a time as you’re having, so you’re gonna change your mentality and have that willpower that you’re able to give her more pleasure ,and that you’ve really decided that you’re gonna last longer.

Again ,if you go well maybe it will work, and maybe it won’t ,then it probably won’t. Self fulfilling prophecy champ!

You have to say I’m absolutely going to change this ,and then your body will start to respond to the will power of your mind ,and work out more to build up the testosterone in your body.

The other thing you can do is edging ,you can masturbate to you’re almost going to have your orgasm and then slow down relax breathe and doing that over and over ,so that you’re building up your response to be able to feel that much pleasure and then draw back instead of blowing your load.

So hopefully those tips are going to be helpful to you to be able to last longer in the bedroom, and bring your partner more pleasure ,as much pleasure as she’s capable to handle.

Make sure that you always help her finish ,so even if you finish first ,make sure she finishes last .

Give her oral sex or finish her with your hands ,but make sure that she also has an orgasm, a lot of men they get inside they get too excited and then they have their orgasm then the woman is sort of left hanging and for women that’s just very frustrating ,because they built up all this sexual tension waiting for an orgasm and then you blow your load everywhere and do a funny sound while you are at it, that will only make you look like a total looser.

You also need to keep one important thing in mind, the difference between a performance oriented mentality and a pleasure one.

In our society we are taught to have sex by a performance script, we learned it from Hollywood ,we learned it from porn ,and then we feel like we have to have sex like we’re in the movies.

We have to have a perfect set of genitals ,strong immediate erections ,last long enough to get to that orgasm, we have to execute all these activities in a particular order, so that we get to our goal of an orgasm.

The problem is sometimes we may have stage fright, sometimes those activities are not fun, and most times actually it’s all about the destination ,we don’t even engage and enjoy the journey ,because we’re so worried about getting to the end of the script ,and performing in an ideal way.

So another way to think about sex is about pleasure, it’s not a word we learn growing up, but it’s such an important word, when we think about our sex life ,it’s all about the journey ,it’s all about enjoying the sensations and the activities that you’re engaging in with yourself ,or your partner ,there’s no goal ,maybe your genitals cooperate maybe they don’t ,maybe they’re involved ,maybe they’re not ,maybe you have an orgasm, maybe you don’t, but as long as you’re enjoying the sensuality and eroticism you’re engaged in, and the journey that you’re on, then you’re in the right place of mind.

So keep that in mind the next time you are pounding her pussy.