Naked Flight Attendant Vs In Uniform With Erotic Story.

This is a true story of when a flight attendant met a VIP, on a flight to Singapore leading to why you are going to see a naked flight attendant vs in uniform mode while you are enjoying this erotic story.

Naked Flight Attendant Vs In Uniform
Naked Flight Attendant Vs In Uniform

She have been an airline flight attendant on international routes for 10 years. She now work only in first class, or business class, because of her experience, and because of the extra services she offers … yes, they like the best up at the front of the plane.

Naked Flight Attendant Vs In Uniform
Naked Vs In Uniform

On one of the flights, She was asked to look after a VIP from Singapore, returning from China. He was a Singapore minister. He had his advisors, and three security people with him, all ex English army, very thorough.

She seemed to get on very well with him, even one of his bodyguards remarked about it, “I think he fancies you,” one of them said, “but who wouldn’t,” he continued.

Naked Flight Attendant Vs In Uniform
Dressed And Undressed Flight Attendant

She just smiled at him, as she get it all the time, guys hitting on her, it’s all part of the job.But then he leaned towards her and said that the minister is willing to make your time worth while if you could accompany him to his hotel and tomorrow you will fly with 10,000 dollars in your travel bag. The thought of Benjamin Franklin clouded her head and she was in no time willing to give head.

They got back to the hotel, there were still quite a few people around from his advisors and all,and she was a little bit intimidated thinking that with that much money maybe they would do a train on her.

Naked Flight Attendant Vs In Uniform
Dressed And Naked Flight Attendant

She saw his advisors watch her, so she thought, that she would tease them, so she started to sway her hips more, lifting her heels a bit higher, so that her bum swayed more. She could see them staring at her, talking about her.

When she got upstairs, she was escorted to a huge penthouse and it was the first time she sees a minister in his underwear,he didn’t look like a guy with much of an authority anymore and he was all alone, so she was a bit relieved.

“Hey, you are supposed to fuck me,” she said laughing.

Naked Flight Attendant Vs In Uniform
Clothed And Undressed Flight Attendant

She dropped to her knees, seeing his so hard cock sticking out. It was around 7 inches, with average thickness, ‘perfect’ she thought. she took it in her hand, slowly stroking it, seeing some pre cum on the head. She licked it off, looking up to his eyes, letting him see it on her tongue, before she pulled it into her mouth, then kissing the head, and sucking the head.

He grabbed her head, groaning,as she took all of him into her mouth, putting her hands around his bum, pulling him forward into her mouth, as he started to fuck her mouth with his cock.

She could feel him starting to cum already, with that throbbing a guy’s cock does when he is about to shoot. She stopped and looked up into his eyes, still with his cock in her mouth, just running her tongue over the head, watching his face, as she let him down a bit.

Naked Flight Attendant Vs In Uniform
With Uniform Vs No Uniform

She knelt at the side of him, so that he could touch her, play with her, as she lean down licking his cock. Stroking it, as she sucked gently on his tightening balls, letting her breasts rub up and down his chest, feeling the hairs on his chest rubbing her hard nipples. Her body was on fire, she wanted to be fucked in her tight Asian flight attendant pussy.